Wooden Plant Stand With 3 Decks, Brown, Standard

  • Rs. 651.00
    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 
  • Rs. 535.00 सहेजें
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  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN : Freely arrange the flower rack according to the actual situation, open. Dimension : 23 inch x 9 inch x 11.5 inch Light weight, easy to handle Made out of mango wood, can be folded to flat single deck it when needed, save space when not needed.
  • MATERIAL : Mango Wood, The use of high quality solid wood, hard wood, clear texture, wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, long use time.Good for keeping showpieces, planters over it, in drawing room, living room, balcony, garden.
  • BEARING WEIGHT CAPACITY : The max we tested is 15-20 kgs, it holds well. Pot soil for plants at home pot stand for kitchen sports oil pot set pot stand for balcony book shelf wall mounted book shelf for kids Bookshelf with door bookshelf for office bookshelf for living room bookshelf metal book shelf white book shelf wooden book stand for reading book stand rack.
  • TRADITIONAL AND STYLISH POT HOLDER : Perfect for your home,kitchen to put Matka pot or Plant pot,as well as you can easily clean under the surface of holder.
  • The Wooden Foldable Stool which helps in decorating the house or keeping flower pots or small plants in your garden area. The Stool is foldable and can be put anywhere or can be shifted inside to plant some indoor plants for decoration.

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