Inflatable Pool, Wireless Inflatable Pool, Adult Kids Pool, Toddlers, Kiddie Pool (82.7 x 59.1 x 29.5 Inches), Blue

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  • ✔ [High-quality material] ---- Made of three-layer composite PVC material, the PVC raw material has passed the EU 6P environmental protection certification, the product is safe for the human body and the environment. The inflatable pool that we prepare for children is thicker and can resist punctures better. The three-layer design makes the pool more stable and firm. Even if the inflatable pool is completely full of people, there is no need to worry about air leaks
  • ✔ [Best choice for summer] ---- Simple and practical inflatable pool, with the coolest backyard in summer. We all love to play in the water, and swimming in the vibrant family pool is the best way for you and your family to stay cool until the sun goes down. Help children learn to swim better and safer and enjoy the sunshine and vitality of summer water. Bring your relationship with your child closer.
  • ✔ [60S fast inflation] ---- Inflating can be the most annoying part. After all, who wants to wait in the scorching sun? Using our wireless inflatable electric pump (electric pump and pool integrated design), it only needs battery to work, 60-second rapid prototypes, and other types of air pumps can also be used to inflate it, and inflation will be easy.
  • ✔ [Multifunctional design] ---- This inflatable pool is very suitable for any outdoor activities: children's birthday parties, barbecue parties, swimming lessons, etc. The quick installation system and radio pump allow you to safely install the pool wherever you want. Turn regular summer into a fun and interesting activity
  • ✔ [Safe and durable] ---- There is a layer of structure in the center of the two sides of the PNC, which is similar to the material of the inflatable boat. It is stronger, more resistant to gasoline and salt water corrosion, frost breaks and cracks and protects you from exposure. Provide a repair kit to extend the service life. It can be folded and stored in a backpack. Gift: travel, travel. This is also the best gift for children in hot summer.

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