Denlox Decorative Hanging Wall Lights

  • Rs. 991.00
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  • Rs. 808.00 सहेजें
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About this item

  • Illuminate your dining room or living room with this striking cluster pendant features three graduated cube shaped lights suspended from a rectangular plate on black-finished rods artfully displayed at different heights. Rich, rustic, and unmistakably stylish, this gorgeous 3-light hanging fixture marries brilliant character with impeccable taste. The lights hang at separate lengths supported from an antique black iron base
  • Suitable for :- home, bed room, living room, for restaurant ,bar counter, hotels, malls
  • The hanging light comes with a string, the height can be adjusted as per requirement and it is easy to install
  • Made From High Quality Material Which Is Increases Its Long Life Durability Attractive Look With Stylish Design
  • Brand New Product From Kanha Creation Only With 100% Satisfaction, Fast Replacement And No Cost Return Guarantee Please Be Careful With Duplicate Products From Other Seller

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