Clothesline Drying Nylon Rope with Hooks 5 Meters

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Make your clothes dry fast and quickly with this Nylon Clothes Line. It is a flexible laundry line that conveniently dries your hand-washed clothes, innerwear, socks, and other clothes. With two hooks you can easily fasten it on rods, bars, or around trees if you are traveling outdoors or camping. With a fence-like structure, you can dry clothes with hangers. It has windproof and anti-slip features, which prevent clothes from blowing off or falling.
The large capacity strong portable clothesline can take enough weights for wet clothes and sheets without falling or breaking., able to hang several loads of wash on this without the aid of additional hooks, you can use hangers or clothespins.
Type: Line & Rope
Product Status: Ready to Use
Material: Nylon
Color: Multi-color
Assembly Instructions: ready to use
Handling & Care Instructions: Flexible Clothes Line with Fence-Like Design Dries Your Clothes Faster and Quickly. Easy to use
Lightweight and versatile, perfect for trip travel, outdoor camping, great for hanging clothes outside without installing a permanent line. Or use for home clotheslines, easy to hang in various locations, you can use in your garage to hang winter coats to dry off, or in the basement as a clothesline in the house to hang up & dry some bigger sheets blankets, etc, you can also install on the wall and hang it during laundry days
Not only just a laundry drying rope, but the little slots within the clothesline also hold the hangers to prevent them from all rolling into one another, keep the clothes separated and the hangers always stayed on the line. There’s no way a hanger can fly off the line if the wind picks up
Wrap it around anything and hook it to itself to hold it up, the two stainless steel hooks are handy. This clothesline is very easy to hang the clothes, it fits anywhere you need it to. Easy to hang up and holds well. Easy to take down when not needed. Handy and affordable
This clothesline is portable and foldable. The clotheslines are perfect for travel, outdoor camping, as well as home use. Convenient: Flexible laundry line conveniently dries your hand wash, socks, undergarments, or other clothes

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