Boxing Reflex Ball

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Product Details :-

  • 🔸BEST FITNESS & EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – Boxing ball with headband is the best way to train your punching skill, speed, agility, focus, accuracy. The fight ball can help improve your concentration, hand-eye coordination, and reaction. You can enjoy the fun of body movement.
  • 🔸POPULAR AMONG PEOPLE OF ALL AGES – Boxing fight ball is a sport that can be carried out anytime and anywhere. The simple and portable design saves you a lot of time from home or office to the gym. People of all ages, men, women, children or even the older will love this sport method. No matter where you are at home, outdoor, in the gym, or in the office, the reflex ball makes training and fitness easy!
  • 🔸INNOVATIVE DESIGN, TRIBUTE TO PROFESSIONAL – Our product includes high-quality boxing ball and elastic string. The application of the 360° rotating buckle greatly reduces the damage caused by the irregular movement of the elastic ball to the hand, eyes, nose and body. This innovative hitting system has better sports performance than most similar products, especially popular with PROS.
    • The harder to hit the ball, the faster it comes back.
    • Trajectory of the ball depends on the point of your kick.
    • You must have time to react to the ball and hit it or leave.
    • Good for your health: Exercising is good for your body and mind.
    • Perfect training workout tool for many muscle groups.

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