9 in 1 Kitchen Scissors - MULTIFUNCTIONAL

  • Rs. 399.00
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  • Rs. 260.00 सहेजें
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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL KITCHEN SCISSORS - Cut meat, turkey, cut poultry bone, You can also use it to scrape scale fish, cut all kinds of vegetables, fruit, cut noodles and even pizza. Do not need chopping boards and choppers, bring kitchen work more convenience. It has more uses, which can be used as nuts cracker, bottle opener, Scales scraper.







  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS -Made of Steel. This Heavy Duty Scissors forged from top premium grade stainless steel that is rust- resistance and corrosion resistance, ultra sharp blades, light and effortless while easily outperforming all other shears.
  • DOES NOT TAKE UP SPACE - It is small and very light, easy to carry, do not take up space and do not add extra weight in the family picnic or BBQ. Using this simple scissor to replace the chopping board and chopper, which could also avoid cutting your fingers compare to kitchen knife.
  • WITH MAGNETIC SCISSORS COVER - To save more space in your room. With magnetic cutting sleeve, you can put the scissors on the surface of your refrigerator or just hang it on any metal surface to keep it away from your children.

  • SAFE ! NON-SLIP DESIGN - Our kitchen shears ensure non-slip cutting in various tasks, saving effort while avoiding accidental injury whenever you using. The environmentally friendly material handle, stylish and anti-skid, makes you feel completely comfortable. Stainless steel embedded in the handle deeply, makes it be solid and safe.

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