Scalp Massager - Anti-Stress Pain Relief & Hair Growth

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Product Details :-

  • ➤ Get your head massage just like hand finger tips. Within seconds of using this scalp massager, feel your stress melt away. Be prepared for a euphoric tingling and deep relaxation you'll feel all the way in your toes.
  • ➤ This scalp massager is incredibly lightweight and small enough to take with you anywhere. The 2mm durable metal wires can easily be reshaped to fit any head size.
  • ➤ Quick relieve the symptoms of headache or dizziness, it is doesnt have side effects compared to any drug treatment. By gently raising and lowering the scalp & head massager tingler you can increase blood flow and circulation to the desired area allowing your body to sooth itself naturally
  • ➤ Relieves Stress, Removes Muscle Tension & Tiredness, Improves Blood Circulation By Massaging Head Or Points On Body
  • ➤ Material : handle (metal), fingers (stainless steel), touch points (plastic)

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