3D Ball Roller Massager - 360° Rotation

  • Rs. 399.00
    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 
  • Rs. 456.00 सहेजें
चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई


  • 3D Massager: Face-lift; promotes skin tightening; body shaping and promote the blood circulation
  • Solar Micro current: Use the solar micro current to activate the cells, Promote metabolism and circulation of skin.
  • Beauty skills: Simulate the trick of cosmetologist to design the beads for massage any part of body. Pt beads: The Surface of the beads plate a thick layer of Pt with good heat resistance and acid-resisting, which can keep gloss.
  • 3D Massager: Skin tightening; With new kneading technology; Rotation in 360 Degree cleaning and massage totally; Adept for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.
  • Material: ABS; Size: 17 * 9.5 * 5.3 cm; Color: Silver; Package includes: 1 x 3 D Full Body Shape Massager, 1 x Manual
  • Color - Silver
  • Product Weight - 400g
  • Relieves Body Pain

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